Measure every facet of your brand with a custom QR code

Custom QR code

Get instant access to the information you need to reach your target audience

What does a QR code do?

QR codes are a great way to increase traffic to your site but they do so much more:
  • Allow customers to recognize, interact with and follow your brand
  • Promote marketing materials and selling opportunities
  • Measure your reach to your target audience
  • Gather feedback to improve your product
What does a QR code do?
View Analytics

View Analytics

Easily track the date, device and number of scans on your code to help you gain valuable information to better serve your customers.

Dynamic QR Code

Dynamic QR Code

Direct your traffic to the right place. Dynamic QR codes can be edited in real time so you won’t lose any customers if you decide to make any changes to your site.

Customize Your Code

Customize Your Code

Solidify your brand with a custom QR code. Choose your colors, add your logo and attach a link to make your landing page as accessible as possible.

No Expiration Date

No Expiration Date

Your first QR code is completely free. There’s no need to re-register so your data can be safely stored and accessed whenever you need it.

Set up your QR code in 3 Easy Steps


Choose the URL destination

You decide where you want to take your customers, a thank you page, a product warranty or an email signup for future deals. You can also shorten your URL to simplify your page navigation.


Choose your QR code design

Customize your QR code to reflect the aesthetic that makes your brand unique and memorable.


Start Sharing

Use your QR code on product packaging, inserts and more to keep your customers informed and help you stay connected.

Spread brand awareness and promote customer engagement with your new branded QR code.

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